Monday, March 21, 2011

Easton and Emma

I only know one friend that has twins. Bless her heart as us Southerns say. And she lives in Vegas. Yeah good luck with that once they become teenagers! So of course on my recent vacay I made a pitstop off of the lively strip to see exactly how life has changed for Laura.

Well I am happy to report she makes it look easy. No joke you guys. Maybe they are just really good kids. It is a little early to be saying that considering they are four months old but maybe she just rocks.

 I almost didn't bring my good camera on the trip but this visit made me oh so happy I did. Totally worth the twenty pound camera bag lugged through security.  Here are a few shots of the visit. They are so adorable. Enjoy!



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Laura said...

Thank you so much Stephanie for doing these photos on incredibly short notice. We had so much fun with our first ever professional photos of the twins! We absolutely love the pics!!