Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hoover Dam-Part Two

I am definitely a portrait photographer. I love people and capturing moments in lives whether it is mine or others. So taking landscape photos is outside my comfort zone. But I firmly believe that if you love something you should love it all the way through. I love photography and not just the part that allows me to capture Lily running or babies smiling. So I broke out of my comfort zone at our recent Hoover Dam trip.

I am just so uncertain what the subject is when I am outside snapping away. And needless to say when you are standing in the middle of a vast mountain range choosing where to focus can be challenging! With portraits there is no question where to focus. With landscape your options are limitless and that can be overwhelming! But that is part of the journey and boy did it pay off as you can tell from Part One of the Hoover Dam pictures. I got some beautiful pictures of the day.

But being a wonder of the modern world does give you quite a few things that are impossible not to focus on. Between the power plant tour and the industrial feel of the dam itself I got some great shots of the amazingness that is the Hoover Dam.

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