Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why yes I do feel quite official

I have been working really hard behind the scenes over the last couple weeks. As you can see I now have a new domain name. So techy I know. Update your blogger accounts or favorites if you are following to keep up on my latest projects.

I also have been learning a bit in Adobe Illustrator to design a new logo. Which I should have on the site by next week. Being the perfectionist I am, I am color tweaking, and reanalyzing every little aspect of it before launch.  The new domain name gives you a hint for the new logo. I got this site up and going fairly quickly so I am looking for it to grow with me over the next few months. Stay tuned!

new site address:

Why yes I do feel quite official.

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Meg said...

Yeah Steph! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!