Monday, February 20, 2012

Self Portrait Project 2012

So it is my last week of my twenties. Big Deal Right?? But like an AWESOME big deal. Some people hate turning thirty. I personally cannot wait. 2012 is off to a fabulous start and I am taking this milestone to make some positive changes both inner and outer. 

I have been wanting to do a self portrait project for awhile. But we have so much going on. Lily would be all in the pictures, while I was trying to scarf down a quick dinner, and yell at a dog and ask Michael to take the trash out. Yeah it's not so glamorous. So with President's Day off from work AND daycare being open I found my opportunity. My girlfriends totally made fun of me for wanting to do this project. What are you going to do with the pictures? WHO CARES! It was fun, and a learning experience. Hey maybe I can give them to Lily when I am old and wrinkly and can be like hey I used to be hot. It can happen to you too! 

Self Portraits are TOUGH! At least 75% of the pictures came out blurry, and of course you are your worst  critic. So staring at huge pictures of yourself with the mindset that you are not going to do any major editing to them is tough. I will disclaimer that there is one I HAD TO whiten my teeth. I mean no way my teeth are that yellow right?? 

I learned a few things from this session

1. I AM TURNING INTO MY MOTHER. God help me I look a lot like her the older I get. But hotter. Of course. Sorry Mom. 

2. I really need to do a pore strip. Just saying. 

3. I love my new hair! 

4. My dogs think I am pshyco. Hands down the were like WTH are you doing? Very curious and judgmental at the same time. I swear they were giving me disapproving looks!  I did manage to capture a few blurry pictures of me yelling at them to "MOVE". I don't have a pretty fussy face. 

5. I will be 30 and fabulous! 

Okay so without further adieu...

I like to call this picture: I am way to obsessed with Britney Spears. This is way to close to the pose she has on my favorite cup. Which I bought at her concert. And carry to work. When I wear my tshirt. 

 Teeth Whitening...guilty.

Mark this project off my 30 year old bucket list. Check. 


Mickie said...

I love it! And jealous of such fantastically beautiful shots! You are such a fun person, even when alone it looks like, lol. I had the hardest time with focus in my very few attempts at self portraits so I am very impressed with yours!

Mandy S. said...

Love it. You look amazing!

Sharla Collins said...

these are AMAZING!!! you are gorg and talented! Love the bangs too! :)