Wednesday, July 25, 2012

THE LilyMae is 4!

So I have a confession. Unlike other photography parents that are compulsive picture takers of their children...I kind of suck at life in that department. I have so many great ideas and plans and then the weekend comes and I want to be doing stuff that doesn't involve me fighting with her to pose for the camera.

Lily turned four at the beginning of June. I did her four year old photoshoot....last week. Oops. But can I she did such a good job. Three outfit changes, soaking wet ground due to the monsoon of rain we have been getting in Raleigh, and a light drizzle later...I got some of the best shots I have EVER gotten of her.

Her requests? A crown, her favorite colors (blue and red) and a twirly skirt. Check, Check, and Check!

Oh Lily how big you have gotten! I think this picture shows that perfectly. Can I say how excited I am you get to ride the big girl rides at Disney this year??!!!
 Someone once described me as spunky.  mmmm I wonder where she gets it.
 She hates that I call her freckles. But can't you see why!
 Fearless. About. Everything. Kinda scary for a Momma.
 I can hear her now.."Oh no you didn't" True of her favorite sayings.

 Freckles and blue eyes.

 Wolfpack fan in a swirly skirt. Heart.
 In addition to freckles...two other nicknames. Sugar Pie, and Miss Thang. Not sure which is more accurately portrayed here.
 Favorite trick for kids that wont sit still...plop them on their belly. You won't be sorry

 Are we done yet?
 Lily, for future reference...this is the story of my life for the past two years. Thank you for the attitude. It is preparing me for the teenage years when you will be chained in your room with duct tape over your mouth. Imagine this...only bigger, hormonal, and even more beautiful. TROUBLE
 and followed up with this cuteness...I am in BIG Trouble!
 My favorite shot of the day.
 Yes Tiara's do in fact make you taller, and more adorable!
I love you, Baby Girl.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smith Twins-Twin Photography Raleigh, North Carolina

I get asked all the time...what should I wear to the session. My typical requests? Avoid black and white. My style is bright and punchy. From now on when I need an example...the Smith girls will be my go to. The colors were amazing and captivating. Never have I seen two different personalities. Twins fascinate me and are always so much fun!

Kendall Marie-Beach Children Photography

I typically do not take my husband on shoots. I like to separate work and home. But it just so happens that he came to the beach with me this day to shoot our dear friend's one year old portrait session. Thank goodness he did. First can I say kids love me. This is why I love what I do. I am loud and animated. They eat it up.

Kendall. Did. Not. Like. Me. I don't know why. I swear I did not pinch her when no one else was looking. But you know who she did love? Mr. Eads. All smiles courtesy of my hubby and cheerios!

My Favorite!!