Gotta Have it!

A self taught photographer needs a few good resources. This page lists my favorites. This is not all inclusive by any means. But it is a good place to start.

A mentor

A friend. A local camera shop dude. An internet friend. All qualify. I have a few. They rock. Don't know where to get one? You can buy one. Sounds cheesy but google it. Cheap like me? Join a local photography club. Great place to find local photographers like yourself. The skill level in these clubs is always quite diverse so you should be able to find someone that you connect with.


I love Bryan Peterson. All his books are awesome. But this is my favorite.

Everyone raves about Scott Kelby. I have several of his books and I use them but they all just reinforced what this book taught me from the beginning. But not to take away from Kelby. He is easy and quick to read but you may not learn the true whys behind the dos. Peterson tells it all in an easy to read format with picture examples.

Web Resources

A parent? A photographer? Two of my FAVORITE websites. I learned a lot from both of these sites.


I love Drew! She speaks at a level anyone can understand. You can even join her site and post your own Momtog pictures!

Mom*Tog - For moms who love digital photography

Mamarazzi & co

I have gotten some great Photoshop tips from Tamara.  I love the post a question option!

Also finding other photoblogs or meetups online is a great resource. I post and asks questions to the local Triangle photography club all the time.

Photoshop actions

I struggled with Photoshop when I got it. I was pretty down about it until a dear friend sat me down and introduced me to actions. Why did the book I bought not mention this. Oh because they are like little easy buttons and they want you to learn the theory behind the method. Blah. EASY! Yeah I am lazy. This feeds that character trait.


Great site to purchase Photoshop/Elements Actions. Best skin editing actions ever! I have not used a MCP action yet that was not easy and effective in the editing process.

Pioneer Woman

If you don't know you should. Great free actions. Great recipes. Oh I think I forgot to mention I also enjoy eating. Photo assignments. You name it and Ree knows it.